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The Lacemaker

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The Lacemaker

19771 h 47 min

The internationally produced The Lacemaker (La Dentelliere) stars Isabelle Huppert as Pomme, a meek and mild French beautician whose life takes a fateful turn during a vacation to Normandy. Here Huppert becomes the lover of middle-class literature-student Francois (Yves Beneyton). The relationship sours when Francois takes her home to meet his parents, thanks in no small part to their differing social backgrounds. The Lacemaker was the film that solidified the stardom of Isabelle Huppert; she was showered with awards, most notably the British Film Academy.

Director Claude Goretta
Tiempo de ejecución 1 h 47 min
Fecha de Lanzamiento 25 mayo 1977
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