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A Sailor-Made Man

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A Sailor-Made Man

19210 h 46 min

An wealthy playboy spots the girl he wants to marry, and while she is willing, her father disapproves. In order to prove his quality, the boy takes the first job he sees by joining the Navy, not realizing that it's a job that he can't quit. Although he dreams of being an admiral, he's just a lowly sailor who passes the time swabbing the decks and getting into trouble with the ship's tough guy. Meanwhile, father and daughter take a long trip on their yacht and arrive at the same Indian port as the Navy ship. After other misadventures during shore leave, the boy must try to rescue the girl when she's kidnapped by the local Rajah.

Director Fred C. Newmeyer
Tiempo de ejecución 0 h 46 min
Fecha de Lanzamiento 25 diciembre 1921
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